Moniek Tromp Captain of Science Top Sector Chemistry and new member of the DCC

Moniek Tromp has been appointed Captain of Science of the Chemistry Top Sector by the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. As from 1 July 2023, she succeeded Bert Weckhuysen. As of September 2023 Moniek Tromp is also a member of the executive board of the Dutch Chemistry Council.

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Who are we?

The Council for Chemistry was established in November 2019. The Council has a controlling and advisory role in promoting the interests of chemistry in the field of scientific research and education. Read more

Why chemistry?

Our society has reached the limits of growth, with the corona crisis as a daunting example. Chemistry provides insight into fundamental molecular processes and develops technology for the future and thus contributes to making society more sustainable. Read more

Our partners

The Dutch Chemistry Council represents Dutch academic research and education in chemistry. In this position there are close ties with various partners. Read more

Mission & Strategy

As an independent foundation, the Council aims to promote the interests of chemistry in the field of academic research and education, from an initiating, signaling role. Read more


The plea for strengthening the chemistry sector is not new: from 2007 physics and chemistry are advocating more funding for scientific education and research. Read more